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Careers Guidance: Entitlement

There is a duty on schools to provide independent careers guidance from a variety of sources, for all students so that they are inspired and motivated to fulfil their potential.  The school’s careers adviser will provide students with impartial career information advice and guidance, the school also provides information from a variety of other sources

Students at HCCS are entitled to receive:


  • Opportunities to learn about the world of work

  • Career and work related education to help develop skills and knowledge needed to manage their transition into future learning and work

  • Impartial advice and information on all available options including further education, apprenticeships, training and employment

  • Support and guidance to devise a career plan for the future

  • Support and guidance to put relevant plans in place for a transition into learning or work

  • The opportunity to have face to face careers advice and guidance from a qualified careers adviser

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