Development of the Whole Individual

Citizenship and SMSC

In order to develop the whole individual and genuinely prepare our learners for a changing world, we strive as a learning community to develop our young people`s sense of citizenship and to promote their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development at every opportunity. We also strive to ensure that our learners have opportunities to reflect on the values that underpin British society and life. We achieve these goals both through our curriculum and through many other aspects of our daily school life, including:


  • Tutor Time, Thought for the Day and Assemblies

  • Our community ethos of RESPECT

  • PDC Days, ALW and Work Experience

  • Extra-curricular activities and opportunities to represent HCCS

  • Student Leadership and Student Voice

  • Visits, Visitors and International Links

  • Charitable Activities and Community Service


One of the key ways in which we support the development of the whole child at HCCS is by promoting an ethos and culture of RESPECT. We are committed to preparing learners for a changing world and in order to achieve this, all members of our community and all visitors are expected to demonstrate RESPECT in their relationships with each other and in their conduct around school. RESPECT refers to the basic practice of showing consideration and thoughtfulness for others. It is based on the principle that we are all equally valued members of the community. Everyone has the right to be treated with RESPECT and the responsibility to treat others with RESPECT.

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