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Results days - August 2023

Thursday 17th August – A level Results and other Level 3 qualifications

Students can collect results from 8:30am to 11am. 8:30 is the earliest schools and colleges are allowed to release results, and coincides with the UCAS helpdesk opening time.

Signs will direct students to the location of results collection, which will be in the Sixth Form College building.

Lots of subject staff, senior leaders, and our Head of 6th form Ms. Camm will be on hand for help and advice. 


Thursday 24th August – GCSE and other Level 2 qualifications and Sixth Form enrolment

Students can collect results from 9am to 12 noon.

Students will follow a one-way system through the Sixth Form entrance, along the social area and up stairs.  Staff will show you where to go from the top of the stairs towards SF1 and SF2 where you can collect your results. Enrolment forms, if applicable, will be in your results envelope.  Please hand these in before leaving, ensuring all options are complete.  There will be staff available on the day to support you with this. Please see Mrs Greeney on the day, to make an appointment with the relevant staff, should you wish to discuss or change any of your options.

Options if you are unable attend on the day

There is no need to inform us in advance if you are unable to attend on the day. If this is the case you have two options.

  1. Someone can collect your results on your behalf. You will need to provide the person you have asked to collect your results with a signed document of consent. This person must bring some form of photographic identification with them to prove who they are. We will only release results if we have proof of consent and we are able to identify the person collecting your results.

  2. Nobody can collect your results. Results will be available on the Bromcom student portal from approximately 10.00am. Please check your access to the student portal before the 20th July, 2023 and email with any technical issues. Please be aware that this will not be a pdf copy and you may not be able to print as a document.

There will only be a small number of staff in school on results day so we may be unable to help if you haven’t made prior arrangements or have technical issues on the day. Please prepare appropriately.

Sixth Form Help and Advice

  1. Faculty representatives will be available to discuss options with students that have not met the entry requirements. A signature from the faculty representative must be obtained for a student to enrol on a course without the entry requirements.

  2. Details of the induction day on Tuesday 5th September will be in the results envelope.

Any student who has not enrolled on Results Day will be able  to arrange to do so with Ms Camm on Monday, 4th September.  Please contact to do so.

Appeals - What if you think a grade is wrong?

If you're unhappy about an exam result, you can request the marked paper ('access to scripts') or request a clerical re-check or review of marking ('reviews of results').

Please check the JCQ advice on Post-Results Services before reading the appropriate guide relating to post results deadlines, fees and charges. One is for GCSE and the other relates to GCE (A level). Once you have familiarised yourself with the post results process and you which to proceed, please complete our on-line application and consent form, which will become live on results day via our school website.

Please be aware that to ensure GDPR compliance the ‘application and consent form’ can only be accessed from an HCCS Google account. Students will need to sign into their school Google account first, before accessing the online form.

Please note that grade protection does not apply to any of our post-review services that include a review of marking. This means that students’ marks and subject grades may be lowered as well as raised as a result.

Awarding Body Post-results information


All of the awarding bodies publish detailed information on their own websites.


AQA - Post-results information


Edexcel/Pearson - Post-results information


OCR - Post-results information


WJEC/EDUQAS - Post-results information

GCSE Post Results Service
GCE Post Results Services
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