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Holmes Chapel Comprehensive is an inclusive school in which ‘every child matters’. As with all other children and young people, students with particular gifts or talents have a right to an education that is suited to their particular needs and abilities.


At Holmes Chapel we make every effort to ensure that our gifted and talented students fulfil their individual potential. We also believe that effective provision for our most able students benefits and enhances the performance of all of our students, according to the motto: ‘a rising tide lifts all ships’.


Our aim


At Our aim at HCCS is to encourage a culture of aspiration and achievement. Students who are gifted or talented in a particular area should feel positively about this and we believe that encouraging students to actively foster their own gifts and talents is the key to success. Providing opportunities for students to forge their own path in their particular field of ability is not only a life skill but an important part of making gifted and talented students feel valued in our school community. Teachers and staff work closely together to ensure that there is a strong gifted and talented student voice programme in place at HCCS.


Monitoring and mentoring


We keep students on track by monitoring their performance and intervening where necessary. We make use of a range of mentoring methods that involve both our teaching staff and a dedicated team of 6th Form students.


Enriching education


In addition to our mainstream provision for G&T students in the classroom, a range of enrichment opportunities are made available for our most able students to develop their skills both inside and outside of the school curriculum (in the form of workshops, theatre and museum trips, clubs, events involving liaison with other schools etc).A wide range of students make the most of these enrichment opportunities every year.


Our day-to-day provision for able students


Whilst enrichment opportunities such as those outlined above are valuable and effective ways of supporting gifted and talented students, it is clear that really effective G&T provision must be something that occurs routinely in our day-to-day teaching and learning.


Effective provision for gifted and talented students is therefore understood at Holmes Chapel to be the responsibility of all teachers every day. Every class, whether mixed ability or set by ability, has students who require additional stretch and challenge. HCCS is dedicated to sharing best practice in stretching and challenging our most able students so they can experience a wide range of effective teaching strategies in lessons.


G&T in the 6th Form


In addition to the support received through mainstream teaching and learning, our gifted and talented 6th form students are provided both with in-house and external enrichment opportunities.

Gifted and talented students receive appropriate guidance and counselling from form tutors to support their applications to prestigious universities such as Cambridge and Oxford.

‘A rising tide lifts all ships.’

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