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  • GCSE set works- follow the scores while listening


  • Music Terminology and Basic Theory

  • Examination Technique- links to practice questions

Humanities (Geog/ Hist/ RE)


PiXL Geography app (For Y10 & Y11, students will need their login)

BBC bitesize Geography for AQA 


A-Level & GCSE = use the Google Classrooms for videos, tests, revision notes, practice questions and model answers to improve revision strategies, knowledge of content and writing/ exam technique.


USA Civil Rights (Y13)


Tudor (Y12)


GCSE (Y10-11)


RE & Philosphy:


A Level Philosophy revision flashcards

A Level Philosophy exam skills

GCSE Religious Studies exam technique

Y7-9 (All humanities subjects):

Improve your Writing Skills in Humanities

(Doc can only be accessed by students / staff with HCCS account)


Vocab practice:


Grammar practice



Exam board specification with full vocab and grammar lists:


Vocab practice with full vocab lists and learning tasks: (log in with school gmail details)


Google classroom per language has links to extra grammar and exam skill tasks


Grammar practice


A very useful resource for all aspects of Technology is:


The Everlearner website

Zig Zag pe resources

Teach PE website

BBC bitesize for PE


Broader explanation of course content:

Psychology crash course

Health and Social Care

Range of documentaries on the NHS:

‘The Hospital’ and ‘Ambulance’ on BBC iplayer

24 hours in A and E from channel 4OD

Panorama documentaries on abuse and neglect in care homes-

‘Old peoples home for 4 year olds’ from channel 4OD


Apps for remote learning - Click here

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