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Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School - Pro
House System

The House System is an important part of our personal development programme at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. It aims to develop the ‘whole child’ and equip them with the vital skills that they need for the ever-changing world beyond school. We help students to grow and develop as people by celebrating our cultural diversity. We provide cross-curricular opportunities outside of the classroom to promote creativity, passion and autonomy. We inspire our students to lead events, as well as instilling them with the willingness to cooperate and work together in order to achieve a common goal. The House System also takes pride in giving something back to the community by raising money for charity.


The Houses are named after local places of interest in the area, each House has a colour link and a House tie:


  • Arley (Red), House Lead: Mr Bell

  • Capesthorne (Purple) House Lead: Mr Sneddon

  • Moreton (Blue) House Lead: Miss Kelman

  • Tatton (Green) House Lead: Mr Mitchell


Our House system encourages all students to participate in many inter-house competitions within subjects, form time and extracurricular activities. The vast selection of events reflect our intention to make our house system holistic and engaging, focusing on the many different talents and interests of our students. We seek to enable talent to shine, confidence to develop, teamwork to grow and enhance friendly competition between houses. 


The benefits of our House system include:

  • Recognising and celebrating success, achievement and excellence

  • Increasing engagement and inclusion for all pupils 

  • Competitive rivalry through House loyalty

  • The development of pride, responsibility and collaboration amongst pupils 

  • Creating a sense of belonging within the Houses

  • Providing student leadership opportunities

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