Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School - Pro
House System

In September 2012 we introduced a House System at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School.


The House System will develop a strong sense of identity and belonging, helping to strengthen the School community by providing a means to build links between students of different ages. It will also encourage teamwork, helping students to recognise how individual success leads to the success of the House and is celebrated by all.


The Houses are named after local places of interest in the area, each House has a colour link and a House tie:


  • Arley (Red),

  • Capesthorne (Purple)

  • Moreton (Blue)

  • Tatton (Green)


Every student is allocated to one of four houses and they will remain in their house for the duration of their school career. All students in a Tutor Group will be in the same House, each House will eventually have two Tutor Groups from each Year Group. All staff are also allocated to Houses.


Houses are used as the basis of the pastoral system and each Head of House works closely with all staff to oversee the practical and behavioural issues affecting students in their House. Students can accumulate House points individually by distinguished work or effort in any aspect of school life and by participating in House events that will be run by each faculty during the year.


Each House has a Student Leadership Team; House Captain and Vice House Captain from Year 11 and Student Leaders from the Sixth Form.


The House system will play a focal role in the life of the school and will play a significant part in helping to promote positive attitudes and behaviour in school.