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The year 7 - 9 lessons set for January and February in French, German and Spanish will all follow the same structure. Google Meet Live lessons will be used to input new vocabulary and grammar, students will then be given resources and links to practise these new skills independently and expected to produce a short piece of work at the end of each lesson. If students are unable to access the websites we have suggested, they can still learn the vocabulary and grammar at home. Making flashcards is a really simple way to practise, working with someone else to say the words aloud or using the ‘look/cover/write/check’ method also works!


We continue to follow our planned schemes of learning so that students do not fall behind whilst learning remotely. You can see our Key Stage 3 topics and grammar foci below:

Suggested websites to use for the following:


Improving your language skills:



Languages online - Grammar practice

Lingolia - grammar practice (year 9 up)

Memrise - GCSE

Seneca (year 9 up)


Listening Practice:


Youtube channels:

Easy French

Easy German

Easy Spanish

Chalkboard with Different Languages

We are all spending a lot longer than usual looking at a screen so here are some ideas of activities you can do OFFLINE!

  • Make flashcards of the new vocab from your lessons

  • Draw and label a plate of your food/ your daily menu

  • Play scrabble/boggle ….. in a different language

  • Draw out your family tree and label in a different language

  • See how many objects around the house you can label in another language

  • Draw and label a map of your town in another language. Then write directions to your favourite places

  • Write a postcard describing your lockdown activities/hobbies

  • Write a list (in another language) of things you might see on a walk, then tick them off as you see them on your walk

Developing your cultural awareness:

Learn Salsa


Spanish recipes


Online tour of the Louvre museum in Paris


Learn the lyrics to French, Spanish and German songs


Watch a film in a language you are studying.

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