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Humanities - Geography


Preparing learners for a changing world is at the very heart of the geography curriculum. The values, principles and beliefs that have guided the principles of the geography curriculum are that all students should be prepared for a changing world. The world around us is changing at a fast pace and it is important that students are aware of these changes; and the impact that students themselves are having on the world and become global citizens. They need to be able to develop their ability to analyse the changing world and have a critical understanding of how we interact with it. Students need to appreciate physical, human and environmental geography and their interdependence. They also need to be aware of the different cultures and beliefs that influence our world.

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The Geography Department encourages and facilitates students to explore the wonder of the natural world and to be in awe of the world; understanding the complexity of it and the diversity of it. Broadening their knowledge of the world in terms of access to cultures and cultural understanding as from around the world.

The lower school geography curriculum encourages and enables students to strive to be global citizens, so they are equipped with knowledge of the world they live in and the skills to make geographical decisions.

The curriculum content at KS3 develops the students’ knowledge and understanding of physical and human processes and characteristics that impact the world past, present and future. It also supports the development of geographical understanding that is required in GCSE and A Level; and also the National Curriculum.

In addition to the understanding of key knowledge, important skills such as synopticity and decision making are taught at KS3 to allow students to develop the skills they will be able to apply in geography at KS4 and KS5 and also across the wider curriculum.


Across the Geography Department, the curriculum is implemented through clear, shared and explicit programmes of study that reflect our department intent. All lessons are rigorously planned, and all resources are available physically in the lesson and electronically for remote access. All lessons provide personal pathways with differentiated tasks to challenge learners of all abilities. Programmes of study are constantly evolving to reflect our changing world so that students can engage with topical issues and connect their learning with real life applications. Quality of lesson delivery, teaching and assessments is monitored through a robust scrutiny process. Data is used to monitor and support student progress through interims, assessments and mock exams. KS3 introduces students to the three main strands of Geography; physical, environmental and human and their interdependence. This knowledge based curriculum, with memory retrieval practice and linking of lesson and scheme of learning will prepare students to succeed at GCSE where students can choose to take AQA Geography, and those students who are passionate about Geography have the opportunity to study Geography at A Level.

The teaching and learning of these programmes of study will be delivered using the HCCS Lesson Routines and will have a core focus on the following:

Explicit behaviours shown by staff and students that demonstrate:


Pride, Enthusiasm, Reliability, Reflection, Respect, Perseverance, Cooperation, Ambition, Resourcefulness, Responsibility, Resilience, Growth mindset.


Empathetic thinking, Critical thinking, Constructing and deconstructing arguments, Self reflection, Academic writing, Use of logical reasoning, Reading and analysing texts.


Self knowledge of Personal identity, British values and citizenship, History of Britain as  Christian country, Religious beliefs, practices and forms of expression, Religious scripture, Ethical theories and moral dilemmas, Philosophical arguments and thought experiments.


‘Thought For The Week’ - tutor time, Curriculum,mn Enhancement mornings, Extra curricular clubs and activities, External speakers and events, Involvement with the community and society, Trips and visits.

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