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The intent of our curriculum is to create pride, joy and success through a shared understanding of the linguistic and social skills our students need to succeed in à multicultural society.   We want to liberate our students from their insularity; simultaneously celebrating their British citizenship and understanding their role as part of our global community.  To this end, our knowledge based curriculum is designed by experienced teachers who understand the benefits of living and travelling abroad and studying the culture, history and language of other countries and have a genuine desire to share our passion for MFL with students. We want to inspire students to continue studying languages in the future and endeavour to foster their interest and curiosity in languages and learning in general.

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In MFL the curriculum is implemented through clear, shared and explicit programmes of study* with shared and personal pathways, supported by our Linguist of the Month reward system which places value upon the importance of relationships and behaviours. In order to keep our curriculum current and ever improving, we regularly review the relevance of our content, updating our resources in line with the emerging needs of our students and teaching context as well as giving our learners the opportunities to develop the grammar and vocabulary of other languages. 

The teaching and learning of these programmes of study will be delivered using the MFL Lesson parameters and will have a core focus on the following:

Collaborative, cross-curricular, embedded and explicit behaviours that demonstrate:


Pride, Enthusiasm, Reliability, Reflection, Respect, Perseverance, Cooperation             Ambition, Resourcefulness, Responsibility, Resilience, Growth mindset.


Cognitive and meta cognitive, Communication and language, Reading, Writing, Speaking

Listening, Problem solving, Pattern spotting, Enquiry and research, Analysis, Evaluation.


Linguistic, Lexical (vocabulary), Grammatical, Cultural, Popular culture, Societal differences, Customs and traditions, Literary, History, Politics.


Extra curricular clubs and activities such as film club and Stammtisch, Exchange programmes, Food tasting, Macmillan coffee morning, European Day of Languages

I Love Languages celebrations, ALW trips.


Students are exposed to new cultures and differences to develop their tolerance, respect and curiosity for our global community. Students have a greater awareness of the positive impact of different viewpoints and experiences. They are able to communicate with confidence in other languages and have à greater understanding of how their own language and other languages work. 

Year 7 Homework Tasks

French Homework Tasks

German Homework Tasks

Spanish Homework Tasks

Year 8 Homework Tasks

French Homework Tasks

German Homework Tasks

Spanish Homework Tasks

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