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Maths Faculty


Deliver an ambitious, connected curriculum accessible to all pupils in school right through from year 7 to the end of Year 13. This curriculum will not only cover all the content of the National Curriculum, GCSE and A level for Mathematics, but will also provide opportunities for developing mathematical skills, reasoning and problem solving in a wider context making connections with other subject areas and formulating strategies to equip our learners for their next stage. The curriculum is designed to promote independence and pride in mathematics as well as providing confidence to progress and resilience to keep trying.

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The curriculum is delivered to students using the Teaching for Mastery approach, fully supported by the NCETM (National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) and the NW6 Maths Hub.  Initial transition from key stage 2 is supported through a partnership approach with the primary sector, allowing cross phase communication with teachers to ensure a consistent approach in key topic areas.  Use of research driven teaching strategies across the Mathematics faculty provide opportunities for students to develop their knowledge and skills in order to apply appropriate problem solving strategies.  Our most able Mathematicians are provided opportunities to deepen their understanding through the offer of the Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics in Year 11 and A Level Further Mathematics in years 12 and 13.  Sixth form students are also able to take advantage of enrichment opportunities through our support for university entrance exam qualifications.

Progress is monitored through rigorous testing in line with assessment objectives.  Students are supported through intervention based on their progress.  Lessons are differentiated to ensure progress for all students regardless of their starting point.


Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School Mathematics Faculty ensures that students at each key stage are confident in core mathematical concepts. Students are engaged and supported in their learning.  Access to different representations facilitates creative learners ultimately leading to competent problem solvers.

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