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Our aim is for all students to enjoy Maths and to achieve their potential in this subject. We use a variety of teaching styles to cater for their learning needs and are always available to support all students both in and out of lessons. 

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Year 7 - 8

Accelerated Maths/Home Connect: Click here

How we report progress on our interims: 

When deciding on whether your child is making the relevant progress, our staff take into account a large variety of factors; classwork, written assessments, progress on the Accelerated Maths programme, the computerised STAR Maths test assessments, and our our Age Related Expectations (ARE) grid. Your child’s progress is monitored, throughout their time at HCCS, against their Indicative Grade Range (IGR) and whether they are following their predicted “flight path.”

Age Related Expectations: Please click here

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