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Science Faculty


Our aim is to stimulate students into an inquisitive approach to examine the world around them with confidence. We use a broad and balanced curriculum to develop knowledge of key scientific concepts, before looking to engage students with the real-life applications of subject matter. Scientific numeracy and literacy runs throughout our curriculum, and we develop skills in the students to encourage them to ask questions, challenge ideas and formulate their own explanations for their observations. We aspire for students to have an appreciation and curiosity for science and be excited to study the subject at a greater depth.

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Our curriculum stems directly from the AQA Key Stage 3 curriculum, a benchmark from which we have added content in order contextualise, personalise and add depth. It is divided into 20 separate units to be delivered from Years 7 to 9, with a level of interleaving where previous learning is incorporated into current topics.

Our team of science specialists bring a depth of knowledge and understanding, with many having had previous careers in academia or industry, helping us link the immediate learning to its applications and potentially more advanced, relevant science. With numerous staff gaining valuable CPD at the National Science Learning Centre, we aim to continually develop our curriculum and practice in order to provide the best experiences possible for students.


Learners at HCCS see the value in a rich scientific education. Triple Science is regularly the most popular option choice in Year 9, buoyed by the student perception that a career in a science related discipline is one that can offer intellectual and financial rewards in the classroom. Uptake at KS5 shows sciences to regularly be amongst the most popular A Level choices, and many of our recent students have gone on to study medicine, dentistry or veterinary sciences, or undertake specific disciplines in engineering, biological or physical sciences. For all students, they leave with a greater ability to explain the scientific aspects of the world around them.

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