Exams 2020 Special Considerations

Over the past few weeks we have been carefully working through a process aimed at ensuring that all of our students are fairly represented when the external examination boards decide on the grades that they will award this year.  


Over the last few weeks, the team at school have been busy in the background carefully implementing a very complex and thorough policy and process to arrive at what we call Centre Assessed Grades. This is our submission to the examination boards on behalf of our students. It is important to point out that our teachers are not being asked to decide on the final grade that the examination board awards to each student in each subject. This is not what is being asked of us. The examination boards will look carefully at every school's Centre Assessed Grades and use this and other information including national criteria, to calculate the final grade for each child. Having followed the guidance and instructions given to us by OFQUAL and the exam boards, we are confident that we are ready to submit our Centre Assessed Grades to the examination boards before their deadlines. 


In a normal year, there would be a small number of candidates applying for what is called Special Consideration. This is a process whereby we apply to the examination board to take into account extreme extenuating circumstances at the time the examination was taking place. The examination boards are not asking for these applications this year, and have left it to schools to decide how to proceed. We have used the guidance from JCQ, who oversee qualifications, and have applied the same rules used by JCQ to our process of deciding on Central Assessed Grades. Please have a look at the two links that we have attached and consider if you believe that your son or daughter has a possible case to apply for a special consideration. If you do, then we have also attached an application form that you should complete and return by the deadline of  Friday 5th June 2020.


If you have any questions or comments on this issue please contact us at exams2020@hccs.info

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