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Medical Information

What age are Vaccinations given?


Year 8 (girls & boys): HPV

Year 9 (girls & boys): HPV Booster


Year 9 (girls & boys): TDP (Tetanus, Diphtheria & Polio) & Men ACWY (Meningitis) boosters.


Healthcare Plan


If your child has been diagnosed with a new medical condition please complete the Healthcare Plan and return to the school.


The completed plan will store helpful details about your child’s medical condition, current medication, triggers, individual symptoms and emergency contact numbers.


Please make sure the plan is regularly checked and updated and the school is kept informed about changes to your child's medical condition or medication. 


Request to Store Medication -

If your child requires regular prescribed or non-prescribed medication at school, parents/carers are asked to provide consent using this form.

Operating Procedures

Medical Policy

Storage of Medicines

Residential Medication

Schools First Aid Guidelines for use of Paracetamol


In response to the growing number of parents  wishing their children to take simple analgesics with them on school trips, including residentials, the school has reviewed its first-aid guidelines for the provision of paracetamol. In future, paracetamol will be provided by the school for minor aches and pains as a first aid measure on school trips and residentials. Students will be discouraged from taking their own supply with them.

If you prefer for your child not to receive paracetamol as a First Aid measure please advise as the new procedure will be run as an OPT OUT scheme.

A copy of the guidelines can be found here:


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