Welcome! The Music Department at HCCS is always very busy throughout the year with practical Music lessons, visiting peripatetic teachers, and a full schedule of rehearsals and concerts.

Music in the Classroom


In KS3 Music you will complete a variety of projects. Within each project you would expect to do some performance, composition and listening. Sometimes, the practical work is completed individually and at others times, it may be a group project. We explore a range of musical styles, and include a variety of different instruments including keyboards, percussion, ukuleles, jamhubs and music technology.


Year 7 projects: Scene Composition, Graphic Scores, Pitch, Rhythm, Programme Music


Year 8 projects: Rhythm Chant, Ostinato, Atmospheric Music, Suites, Blues, Dance Music


Year 9 projects: Theme and Variations, Minimalism, Radio Show, Film Music, Reggae


GCSE Music: follows the Edexcel specification (see course outline document)


A level Music: follows the Edexcel specification (see course outline document)


A level Music Technology: follows the Edexcel specification (see course outline document)


Extracurricular Music


The Music department runs various group throughout the week for our students. New participants are always welcome, just turn up or talk to Mr Lawson or Miss Simpson for details.


Monday Lunchtime: Young Voices -  a mixed choir for years 7, 8 and 9.

Monday 3.30- 4.30: Orchestra -  for orchestral instruments above Grade 3

Tuesday Lunchtime: Senior Choir – a mixed choir for Years 9-13 plus staff

Tuesday 3.30 - 4.30: Swing Band – for swing band instruments, above Grade 3

Wednesday Lunchtime: String Ensemble – all string players (see Miss Eustis for details)

Thursday Lunchtime: L.S.O. (Lower School Orchestra) - for all beginners to Grade 3

Friday Lunchtime: Concert Band – for wind & brass instruments plus rhythm section above Grade 3


All rehearsals take place in Music 1. For lunchtime rehearsals bring a packed lunch and eat in Music 1 from the start of lunch.


Concerts and Events


The Music department hosts Christmas and Summer concerts which feature all of our ensembles, plus soloists. We perform in the whole school assemblies each term and also attend a variety of events in the local community including Young Voices at Manchester Arena, Christmas Carols at various Christmas markets, and numerous showcase concerts for Cheshire primary and secondary schools.


We encourage students to form their own bands at HCCS and allow students to use our rehearsal spaces Wednesday - Friday afterschool, as long as they then regularly contribute to the Department. Their work is showcased in our annual Battle of the Bands competition, with judges and cash prizes!


As well as all of this we try to run an international Concert Tour each year, and consequently have performed in venues across Europe including Italy, Germany and Spain.


Peripatetic Tuition


We offer instrumental, vocal and theory tuition through a dedicated team of peripatetic staff. Lessons run throughout the school day on a rotational system. For more details and for an application letter click here.