Coronavirus update

School and Sixth Form are closed

Following the announcements last evening by the Prime Minister, we would like to thank all staff for their continued understanding and support as we work to keep our school community safe. We should all now continue to do everything we can to support our nation in the battle against this virus.

We have a responsibility to provide support to key workers who are unable to secure childcare which we are doing via the Key Workers Club. The club started yesterday with 9 children. It was fantastic to see staff volunteer in numbers to help us launch that initiative. We have now set staffing at a safe level and released others from the rota. We will continue to ask for support from staff on a voluntary basis to keep the initiative going over the coming weeks. Keeping our essential services working is vital and your help in doing this is so important. Thank you!

Other than the Key Workers Club, students and parents are adapting to ‘school at home’ with work being completed and submitted to teachers in increasing volumes and the quality of much of it is really high, particularly where parents have engaged and supported their children with their learning. Our teachers will continue to set appropriate work to mark and assess the standards of responses, giving feedback to support progress.

Our school and sixth form are now closed. Entry for staff carrying out essential work will be via the new staff entrance only, by the Goods Inwards’ entrance, where you will need to fill in a visitors book so that we know who is on site. To give an idea of the scale of change, we usually have around 150 staff working at school. For the foreseeable future, the number of our staff on-site will be up to 7 per day. All non-essential work by external contractors has now stopped.

On Friday of this week, we will be publishing our school newsletter as usual. In the two weeks between newsletters, the world as we know it has changed considerably and will continue to do so. In this week’s newsletter, we would like to focus on how people within our school community are starting to do things differently now that the school site has closed. It would be great if staff and students could send in short stories and photos about how they are doing at home.

Over the next few months, our school will continue to be a vibrant, virtual learning environment which will continue to develop as the weeks progress. Our fortnightly newsletter will be an important cornerstone in keeping us all in touch with each other.

Further information for staff will be circulated later. If you have any questions or comments regarding the current situation please email

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.

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