Covid safe systems and behaviours to remain in place

Today we have reviewed our school plans in response to the latest announcements regarding the UK government’s road map out of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are encouraged to see the continued fall in Covid-19 cases in our local community and by the support that we have had from families in working together to keep our school community safe.

For the time being, until the half term break, we are not intending to change any of the covid safe behaviours that we have in place and that have been very successful in limiting the impact of the pandemic on our school. From the start of this school year, we made it our priority to maintain a five lesson day with students being taught by the right teachers in the right classrooms. Our covid safety procedures, including the use of face coverings, have enabled us to do this. We continue to believe that this is the best strategy in keeping our students on track with their education.

For the last two weeks, up to the half term break, we will continue with all of the covid safe systems and behaviours that are now embedded in our school for both staff and students. As a combination, these behaviours have undoubtedly helped us to deliver a normal school timetable. These include:

  • The promotion of frequent hand hygiene

  • The wearing of face coverings whilst in school buildings

  • The maintenance of year groups social spaces at break times

  • Promoting the use of twice weekly home testing

  • Social distancing wherever possible

We will be making a further statement about expectations for when school returns after the half term break. Our plans will outline a schedule to move our school community, safely, back to a more ‘normal’ school environment. This will be helped in the last half term of the year by the reduction of over 300 students as year groups 11 and 13 complete their studies.

Announcements will include a move away from compulsory face coverings, a return to plated meal services, the opening of the new front of school and the relaxation of social zones at break times.

We would ask all families and staff to continue to work with us to deliver the best education and learning experience for all of our students.