GCSE Results 2020 - UPDATE - Wednesday 19th August

GCSE results are due to be published on Thursday 20th August 2020.

Following our earlier message to students and their parents who are waiting to receive GCSE results tomorrow, Thursday 20th August 2020, the situation nationally has been changing rapidly. At Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School we understand the concerns that students and their families quite rightly have as they look to take the next steps on their personal development journeys and are determined to do everything we can to give students the information they need to make their next steps quickly and with as little fuss as possible.

It was announced late on Monday that the government had decided that the grades awarded to GCSE students would be based on the Center Accessed Grades (the grades calculated by schools using interim scores, mocks and teacher assessments). They also announced that where the system used by OFQUAL to calculate GCSE grades identifies a grade above the school based grade, this would be honoured. In other words, students would be awarded the highest grade calculated by their school or the algorithm used by OFQUAL.

We are now confident that when our students come to school tomorrow, the grades that they receive will now reflect the Center Assessed Grades calculated by our school based on the individual students' progress over the past two years. These will be the final GCSE grade awards.

We said earlier this week that we would make decision making quicker and easier for students who wish to continue to study here in the Sixth Form College by accepting one of three pieces of information to meet the entrance criteria for the courses that we offer, our triple lock. We intend to honor this commitment and staff will be on hand tomorrow to offer advice and support. The grades awarded now reflect the best of two pieces of information and the third, mock exam results, can be accessed by logging in to Bromcom or via the MyChildatSchool app.

Teaching staff and senior leaders from all subject areas will be at hand on tomorrow to support and advise students when they receive their GCSE results and to help them to quickly and easily enrol on to the best learning pathways.

We wish all of our class of 2020 the very best of luck for tomorrow and they have our utmost respect for the way they have handled the most difficult and unsettling of circumstances over the past few months.

For students and parents who have any questions or comments relating to the GCSE results or Sixth Form enrolment please contact us at: GCSEresults@hccs.info

Details of the arrangements in place for students to receive their results tomorrow, including staggered times for arrival have been published earlier.

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