GCSE results are due to be published on Thursday 20th August 2020.

Over the past few days following the publication of the A Level results, there has been much speculation in the media about the process by which grades have been awarded and the potential process for appeals where students are believed they have been unfairly treated. This speculation is having an impact on the level of concern and uncertainty that many of our students feel ahead of Thursday’s publication of GCSE results.

At Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School we understand the concerns that students and their families quite rightly have as they look to take the next steps on their personal development journeys. We are committed to doing everything possible to support our students to achieve the grades that they deserve and to help them make informed choices about their next steps, whatever they might be.

In the absence of clear guidance from OFQUAL, we have been working hard behind the scenes to put together clear information likely to be needed to support our students so that we can act swiftly to help where necessary. We are therefore being proactive in taking the following three actions ahead of any definitive guidance from the government being published.

First, when our students arrive to collect their published GCSE grades on Thursday, as well as the results from the examination boards, we will provide each student with a reminder of the grades they achieved in the mock exams, plus a copy of the Centre Assessed Grades (CAGs) which were calculated by the school and submitted to the exam boards.

Secondly, we will ensure that no student who is applying for a place at Holmes Chapel Sixth Form College is disadvantaged by the potential impact of the methodology used by OFQUAL in determining the initial grades awarded to them. In relation to our enrolment criteria, we operate our own local ‘triple lock’ and will honour the best result achieved in each subject. This will be the best grade from each subject taken from:

  • the grades published by the exam boards

  • the Centre Assessed Grades or

  • the best result achieved in the two mocks.

This way, we will be able to enrol students into the right programmes of study quickly and ahead of any appeals process. After studying with us for the past five years, our subject teachers are best placed to be able to advise students on the best options available. We will then work with students who feel they may benefit from making an appeal.

Thirdly, teachers from all subject areas and from our Sixth Form Team will be at hand on Thursday to support and advise students when they receive their published results and the additional information that we will be making available.

We hope that these actions will help to provide some security in a time of great uncertainty for our students ahead of the GCSE results publication and give all of our students the information they are likely to need in deciding what steps to take next.

For students and parents who have any questions or comments relating to the GCSE results or Sixth Form enrolment please contact us at: GCSEresults@hccs.info

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