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Well it’s Thursday again and the third since school closed and we all took to our homes. So, Thursday has become something of an event over the past three weeks with the 8pm applause for front line workers. I’m sure many of you will have taken part and may well be looking forward to doing so again this evening. It has been quite uplifting seeing people outside of their homes making some noise.

We would like you all to help us to show how our school community is joining in to the celebration and thanks. Many of our staff and parents are frontline workers or volunteers who are going the extra mile everyday, to help get our country through this ordeal. So this is a heartfelt appeal to everyone within our wonderful school community to send us in some small video clips of tonight's applause. Just 5 to 10 seconds and let us know where you are. It could be ‘the Smiths in Orchard Grove say thank you’ for example. It could be a shoutout for a teacher that has helped you out recently, or a fellow student or parent. We just need to keep in touch.

Or you may have a family member who is doing their best for our community who you think deserves a shout out. A short sentence or two, or a little video clip, explaining who they are and what they are doing to help. It could be ‘my mum, Paula, an NHS nurse, thank you #Proud or ‘Meet John, he’s been out delivering food parcels to elderly residents’. Nothing too elaborate, just something to show our appreciation to people in our school, in our villages, who deserve a shout out over the next few days. We will be using our twitter account, @Hccs1978 and the hashtag #HccsHeroes so please have a look and follow us.

Please send in your contributions to healthyhands@hccs.info and we will build a ‘wall of support’.

Stay home, stay safe

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