Message to all parents

We continue to monitor the emerging advice in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic and are trying to manage the situation appropriately as the situation develops. The latest advice is that any members of staff or students that display the symptoms of high temperature, cough or flu like symptoms, should ‘self isolate’ for a period of seven days from the onset of symptoms. This also applies to members of the same household of someone who is in self isolation. We can accept no exceptions.

If your child has an underlying health condition and is at increased risk from the effects of contracting this virus, school will fully support your decision if you decide at any point to keep them at home to self isolate for their protection. Please contact us on if you have any specific concerns.

Today’s newsletter sets out some information about how we are preparing for an escalation of the impact the pandemic is having on the school and the work that is going on to help keep our school community safe. This includes details of the Coronavirus information blog we have set up which can be easily accessed from the front of the school website. This is updated daily and includes a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We would respectfully ask that parents please have a look at the content on there and keep an eye on the information as it is updated.

To find out more about the symptoms and what to do if you or your child needs to stay at home please follow this link

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