Morning Update - Friday 20th March 2020

Free school meals

Guidance has now been received outlining the issues around the provision of free school meals during the school closures announced yesterday. We have put together a system to ensure that all children who access free school meals will not be penalised financially over the coming weeks. We have put together a programme to ensure children at HCCS covered by this guidance will be able to access meals at shops of their choice. Today we will be contacting the families affected by this issue to make final arrangements which will be in place by next Monday. This Is an important issue that affects over 70 families at our school.

Refunds for cancelled trips

We have now issued refunds for all overseas trips and the majority of UK trips that have been cancelled as part of the response to the Coronavirus outbreak. To date, we have issued around 350 cheques relating to over 700 individual transactions, which has been a huge effort by our finance office team. Unfortunately, Lloyds bank have refused a small number of cheques which has caused further work and confusion for parents. We have raised a formal complaint with the bank and we hope to have the issue resolved within the next 48 hours. Most cheques have been processed without challenge so we were unaware of the problem which relates a problem with the authorised signatories mandate. May we please ask anyone who experiences a problem to contact us directly be email to: We apologise for any inconvenience caused

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our response to the Coronavirus, please contact us via and we promise we will respond as quickly as possible. Further updates will be posted on the online blog.

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