National Lockdown Announcement

Following the announcement this evening by the Prime Minister, this message is to clarify the expectation on staff tomorrow, Tuesday 5th January 2021.

The school site will close after tomorrow for all but a small number of staff needed each day to facilitate support for the most vulnerable students and the children of key workers. All students will move to our remote learning provision following the schedule already published. This will however then remain in place until further notice.

Tomorrow, with a couple of specific exceptions, all staff will be expected to attend school as planned. This will be the last time that the majority of staff will attend school on mass until further notice. By the end of school tomorrow we will have final plans in place to support all learners at home, have established the arrangements and staff rota for the Key Workers Club and moved the vast majority of staff to working from home in line with the government’s expectation.

During the first national lockdown, some staff were identified by the NHS as being extremely clinically vulnerable and provided us with confirmation from the NHS. These colleagues are not required to attend tomorrow but will need to continue to work from home until further notice. This includes teaching your lessons as planned at the same time that they are timetabled.

Some staff members may now experience childcare issues tomorrow following the decision to shut primary schools, although we understand that nursery provision is unlikely to be affected. For staff in this situation please contact cover as normal and text me directly on my mobile as early as possible. All staff will continue to be expected to work from home including the delivery of live lessons.

Throughout this pandemic everyone at our school has shown great commitment and tenacity supporting learners and keeping each other safe. We must now pull together once again and respond with our usual professionalism, enthusiasm and attention to detail. Keeping the students on track is our shared key priority.

There will be an urgent staff briefing tomorrow morning at 08:20 to address some of the questions you may have.

Warm regards

Nigel Bielby - Headteacher

Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School

& Sixth Form College


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