Rising Covid-19 rates in East Cheshire

We need to stay vigilant and test on a regular basis

Thank you to everyone who contributed to getting our school open and running well after the recent half term break. Our students have continued to follow a normal timetable which we believe to be extremely important as we work to keep them on track with their education.

At the start of the new half term, we had a total of 10 students and two staff members who were self isolating because of testing positive or being a close contact of someone who tested positive for Covid-19. Seven out of the 10 students attended a birthday celebration following which a number of family members then tested positive. Covid-19 is extremely easy to catch and pass on, often without any symptoms. Anyone who has tested positive or been in close contact with someone who has tested positive MUST self isolate for 10 days regardless of any personal negative test results. This remains non-negotiable.

Put into context, on a normal day, our school community at this stage of the year is around 1,300 people. However, we need to be aware of the rising rate of positive cases in the local community and continue to stress the need to maintain a number of Covid safe systems and behaviours which includes face coverings whilst inside school buildings. We have been informed by the Local Authority that case numbers in Cheshire East continue to rise. Today’s rate stands at 84.1 per 100,000, although hidden within that figure are more concerning figures with a high incidence in 17/18 yr olds of 785 per 100,000, and 12-16yr olds where it is 253 per 100,000.

During the last half term of the school year, we will try to return school to as close to normal working as possible and in line with the governments ‘road map’ out of lockdown. We can reassure all students, staff and parents that we will continue to do everything we can to keep our whole school community safe during this transition period but we need your help.

If your child is unwell, if they have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 or a member of your household has symptoms of Covid-19, they must not come to school.

If you need to discuss any symptoms that your child or other household member may be experiencing please contact us on Nocv19@hccs.info and we will respond appropriately. We must all remain vigilant at all times and work together to keep our whole school community safe.

Regular testing will continue to be vital in keeping each other safe

Over the coming weeks and months, regular testing of students, staff and families will become increasingly important. Test results are an important part of the information that we use to answer questions from parents and staff in relation to best advice. We will always air on the side of caution in order to provide the safest environment. Part of the reason for today’s communication is to continue to promote twice weekly testing of students and staff at home. We would also really appreciate it if everyone would sign up to our test results registration system https://testregister.co.uk/login The system will send you a reminder twice per week to retest. Although vaccination rates are high and improving, as we can see by the local infection rates, the biggest spread is in sections of our community who have not yet been offered the vaccine. Likewise, even if family members or staff have been double vaccinated, this does not mean that they can't catch or spread the virus. Everyone needs to take part in regular self testing.

If someone in your household tests positive using an LFT test

If someone in your household tests positive for Covid-19 using the home test kits (LFT), or are displaying any of the main Covid-19 symptoms, or are made aware that they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, you should immediately isolate and arrange for a PCR test. The PCR test should be booked immediately either online or by calling 119 and should be undertaken within 2 days.

Staff, students and pupils who had a positive LFT result, and their close contacts and other members of their household, should self-isolate immediately in line with NHS Test and Trace guidance while awaiting the PCR result. If the PCR test is negative, it overrides the LFT and the staff member, pupil or student can return to school or college, and their close contacts can end their self-isolation. If you are in contact with someone who tests positive you should self isolate for 10 days regardless of any negative test results that you may have.

Local surge testing

In light of the increasing local infection rates, Cheshire East Test and Trace Team have worked closely with regional and national leads to provide a range of additional asymptomatic mobile PCR testing. These testing stations are for people who are not displaying any symptoms. There is no need to book, just turn up.

Middlewich Town Football Club - Finney’s Ln, Middlewich CW10 9DR (commencing Wednesday 9 June at 0900)

  • Starting Wednesday 9th June 2021, for 7 days with review planned early next week

  • Opening hours 0900 – 1600

Cranage Hall – Byley Lane, Cranage, Holmes Chapel, CW4 8EW (commencing Wednesday 9 June at 0900)

  • Starting Wednesday 9th June 2021, for 7 days with review planned early next week

  • Opening hours 0900 – 1600

Handforth Youth Centre - Old Rd, Handforth, Wilmslow, SK9 3DA (already live with planned deployment to 13 June 2021)

  • Already operational, planned deployment until Sunday 13th June 2021

  • Opening hours 1030 – 1430