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Update following the latest announcements from the Prime Minister

School will reopen to all students and staff on Monday 28th February 2022 following the half term break

Following the latest announcements from the Prime Minister describing the next steps in managing the Covid-19 pandemic, we have reviewed the plans that we shared last week in preparation for coming back to school after the half term break. Keeping our school community safe and students in school are our priority as we move towards the new post pandemic normal.

Over the next two weeks, we are not intending to make any further changes to the plans that we have already published. We will investigate the issue of availability of free self testing kits and make further announcements once all of the information is at hand. In the meantime, in summary, when we return to school on Monday 28th February 2022, the following features will be in place:

  • All staff and students are asked to take an LFT self test before returning to school.

  • Anyone who tests positive for Covid will not be allowed to come to school until they have tested negative (or ar symptom free) for two consecutive days from day 5

  • Face coverings inside of school buildings will be optional

  • If your child is unwell they MUST NOT come to school

  • Support and advice will continue to be available by contacting

The full return to school plan can be accessed here:


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