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*UPDATED* Warm Weather Modifications

Students may continue to choose to come to school in full PE uniform for the next two weeks, until Monday 3rd July 2023

Last week we wrote out to all students and parents informing them of temporary changes in school uniform policy in response to the sustained period of hot weather. Compliance with the change to PE uniform has been high and it does appear to have had a very positive impact on the learning environment. So thank you to parents for supporting us in making this change.

We have continued to review the longer term weather forecast and guidance available for schools. We now expect the temperatures to drop slightly next week and for the weather to be a little more changeable. However, the hot conditions are expected to return the following week. With this in mind we have decided to maintain the current position for the next two weeks. We now expect to revert to normal school uniform on Monday 3rd July 2023.

  1. All students will be able to choose to come to school in either:

Full PE uniform - no variations of the official school PE uniform is permitted


Full normal school uniform. - No ties will be worn.

We need to be clear that this is a choice between the two separate school uniforms and not an opportunity to mix and match. Either full PE uniform or full normal uniform with the exception of a tie.

2. Students should come to school with a large refillable bottle of water which they will be able to top up during break and during lunch (not during lessons)

3. We advise that all students apply suncream before attending school each day and have a supply with them to reapply if needed.

4. Students who suffer with and take medication for hay fever should ensure that they have their medication before coming to school in the morning.

We will continue to monitor the weather forecasts during the remaining few weeks of the school term and may continue to modify our position accordingly.


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