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Warm Weather Modifications

From Tuesday 13th June to Friday 16th June 2023 students will be able to choose to come to school in PE uniform

The weather forecast indicates that the current heatwave is set to continue for the rest of this week. This forecast includes an expectation that grass pollen levels will also remain high. This demands a temporary change in our behaviours and processes so that we are able to be safe, as comfortable as possible and keep lessons and learning running as near to normal as we can.

From Tuesday 13th June until end of school on Friday 16th June:

1. All students will be able to choose to come to school in either:

Full PE uniform - no variations of the official school PE uniform is permitted


Full normal school uniform. - No ties will be worn.

We need to be clear that this is a choice between the two separate school uniforms and not an opportunity to mix and match. Either full PE uniform or full normal uniform with the exception of a tie.

2. Students should come to school with a large refillable bottle of water which they will be able to top up during break and during lunch (not during lessons)

3. If your child needs suncream, please apply this before they come to school and ensure they have a supply with them.

4. Students who suffer with and take medication for hay fever should ensure that they have their medication before coming to school in the morning.

Please note that when school re-opens after the weekend on Monday 19th June 2023, ALL students will revert back to normal school uniform.


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