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Warm weather uniform update - 28th June 2023

Uniform update 28th June 2023

  • From Monday 3rd July 2023 all students must come to school in their normal full school uniform.

  • PE kit must not be worn to school

During the recent sustained period of hot weather, most children have been highly compliant with the temporary change to wearing their PE uniform instead of school uniform. Thank you to parents for supporting us in making this temporary adjustment during the hot weather. Looking further ahead, we now expect the temperature to fall and for the weather to be a little more changeable.

From Monday 3rd July we expect all children to wear our full normal school uniform to school. Unless we inform you otherwise, full uniform will be the standard expectation for all from Monday 3rd July onwards.

We will continue to review the longer term weather forecast and guidance available for schools and will inform you in good time if there are any further temporary modifications to our uniform. Can I ask all families to:

  1. Please check to ensure that your child’s uniform is compliant with our expected standards. For ease, I have included the links to our policy and standards here

The key issues we have at the moment with regard to uniform are children wearing hoodies and trainers and wearing skirts which are not of an appropriate length. Extra jewellery, piercings and makeup are also becoming an issue. I would like to ask for your support in tackling these issues and for your help in maintaining the highest standards. I appreciate this greatly so thankyou in advance

2. Ensure that children should continue come to school with a large refillable bottle of water which they will be able to top up during break and during lunch (not during lessons)

3. Ensure that children who suffer from hay fever have their medication before coming to school in the morning.


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