Staff List

Teaching Staff

Mr B Gallagher - Learning Intervention Manager/ Teacher of Business

Miss H Hughes - Learning Intervention Manager/Teacher of English

Mr M Forsyth - Learning Intervention Manager/Teacher of Social Sciences

Mrs K Ford - HAL Coordinator/ Teacher of Science

Mrs N Thomas - Learning Intervention Manager/Teacher of PE


Mrs K Edmonstone - Lead of Art

Mr M Turrell - Teacher of Art

Mr R Lawson - Lead of Music

Miss L Simpson - Teacher of Music

Mrs H Goulding - Lead of Drama

Miss C Plant - Teacher of Drama

Ms A Albon - Teacher of Art



Dr A Middleton - Director of IT & Computer Science
Mr G Edwards
- Teacher of IT & Computer Science

Mr D Reeves - Teacher of ICT


Mr P Hogg - Head of D&T

Mrs D Davis - Head of Food Tech

Mr D Wheeler - Teacher of D&T

Mrs S Berrisford - Teacher of D&T

Mrs N Sams - Teacher of D&T



Miss K Brealey - Head of English

Ms E Robinson - Assistant Curriculum Lead T&L

Ms P Hanrahan - Assistant Curriculum Lead D&A

Mrs K Martin - Teacher of English

Mrs H Wimbush - Teacher of English

Miss V Royle - Teacher of English

Ms A Dedman - Teacher of English

Miss Z Griffiths - Teacher of English

Ms H Finigan - Teacher of English

Ms R Hawkins - Teacher of English

Mrs R Evans - English Intervention Specialist


Mr E Fu - Head of Humanities

Mr A Muirhead - Lead of RE

Miss C Holland - Lead of Geography

Mrs N Gosset - Teacher of Geography

Mrs V Moore - Teacher of Geography

Mr P Roberts - Teacher of History


Mrs E Tatham - Strategic Lead of Maths

Mr J Barrett - Assistant Curriculum Lead T&L

Mrs E Stevens - Assistant Curriculum Lead D&A

Miss S Eustis - Whole School Numeracy Co-ordinator

Ms H Whittaker - Teacher of Maths

Mrs S Jackson - Teacher of Maths

Miss L Sneddon - Teacher of Maths

Ms K Lamb - Teacher of Maths

Miss C Kelman - Teacher of Maths

Ms I Laskowska - Teacher of Maths

Mr S Barratt - Maths Intervention Specialist



Miss H Connolly - Head of MFL

Mrs R Nixon - Teacher of MFL

Mrs F O'Garr - Teacher of MFL

Miss A Lloyd - Teacher of MFL

Mrs S Warmenhoven - Teacher of MFL

Mrs S Riley - Teacher of MFL

Mr R Lamperez - Teacher of MFL



Mr M Thomas - Head of PE

Mrs R Mee - Head of Girls PE

Mr T Capewell - Teacher of PE

Mr T Mitchell - Teacher of PE

Miss C Clarke - Teacher of PE



Dr T Johnson - Director of Science

Mrs K McGrath - Lead of Biology

Mrs A M Bentley - Lead of Chemistry

Mr C Proudlove- Lead of Physics

Mrs L Jones - Teaching & Learning Lead

Mr N Longden - Teacher of Science

Mrs H Ralston - Teacher of Science

Mr S Pirie - Teacher of Science

Dr S Beasley - Teacher of Science

Mrs E Anderson - Teacher of Science

Mr R Sneddon - Teacher of Science



Mr G Baker - Head of Social Sciences

Mrs B Morris-Brown - Lead in Psychology

Mrs K Barlow-Davenport - Lead in Health & Social Care

Support Staff


Mr R McDermott - Exams & Data Manager

Mr D Meller - Data Manager

Mrs R Cartwright - Data Officer

Ms S Stuart - Data Officer

Mrs C Blench - Information, Data & Communications

Mrs S Whyte - Conferencing Officer

Mrs S Hilditch - Data & Admissions

Mrs B Davis - Attendance Officer

Mrs F Chipperfield - Senior Exams Invigilator



Mrs L Mellish - Director of ITT

Mrs L McKechnie - Chimney House Trust Foundation

Mrs A Bush - Chimney House Trust Foundation



Miss B Moores - Learning Centre Co-ordinator



Mrs L Murphy - Business & Finance Manager

Mrs J Young - Finance Officer

Mrs K Hatton - Finance Assistant



Mrs J Glover - Director of SENCO

Mrs C Bailey - Deputy SENCO

Mrs N Munro - Resource Provision Student Manager

Ms L Hyde - Lead Teaching Assistant

Miss M Walker - Assessment & Deputy Lead TA

Mrs R Bark-Jones Literacy Lead

Mrs K Smart - Numeracy Lead

Mrs L Guy - Transition Lead

Mr C Peters - Alternative Provision Lead

Miss H Ross - Alternative Provision TA

Miss L Fellows - SEMH Lead

Ms C Bradbury - SEMH TA

Miss L Lucas - Learning Support Assistant

Miss H Lucas - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Weston - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs A Barber - Learning Support Assistant

Miss H Bailey - Learning Support Assistant

Miss J Williams - Learning Support Assistant

Miss B Lysycia - Learning Support Assistant

Mr R Jarvis - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs H Lilley - Learning Support Assistant

Mr T Nickson - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs B Wynne - Learning Support Assistant

Miss J Bebbington - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Vaughan - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs K Dexter - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs S Oberland - Learning Support Assistant

Miss K Cuttle - Learning Support Assistant


Mrs H Collison - Lower School Lead

Mrs C Morgan - Welfare & Behaviour Manager

Mrs L Chaloner-Mattin - Welfare & Behaviour Manager

Ms R Cooper - Welfare & Behaviour Manager

Mrs H Pridham - Education Support Officer


Mrs L Warren - Upper School Lead

Mrs E Bagshaw - Welfare & Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs A Bentley - Welfare & Behaviour Manager

Mrs J Nicolle - Welfare & Behaviour Manager


Mrs L Gianassi - OLC Manager

(Vacant) - Alternative Provision Manager


Mrs P Challinor - Heads PA & Clerk to Governors

Ms S Bradney - HR Manager

Mrs F Greeney - Sixth Form Support Manager

Mrs E Jackson - Guidance & Support Manager

Mrs J Bayley - School Admin Co-ordinator

Miss J Jones - Education Support Officer

Mrs S Loomes - Education Support Officer

Mrs J Rawsthorne - Education Support Officer

Mrs A Pritchard - Education Support Officer, Arts, English

Miss E Smith - Admin Assistant

Mrs H Cliff - Healthcare Officer for Students

Mrs N Rattray - Compliance Manager



Miss J Barnett - Science Lab Technician

Miss M Giannasi - Science Lab Technician



Mrs S Crompton - D&T Technician

Mr C Matchett - D&T Technician



Mr N Barnett - Strategic ICT Manager

Mr D Astbury - Senior ICT Officer



Mr N Williams - Estate & Facilities Manager

(Currently Vacant) - Deputy Estate & Facilities Manager

Mr S Booth - Estates & Facilities Officer

Mr G Greenwood - Estates & Facilities Officer


Mrs S Proctor - Cleaning Supervisor

Mrs D Boffey - Cleaning Assistant

Mrs S Bannagan - Cleaning Assistant

Mrs F Challinor - Cleaning Assistant

Mr K Moss - Cleaning Assistant

Miss J Farr - Cleaning Assistant

Miss C Farr - Cleaning Assistant

Mrs S Kenney - Cleaning Assistant

Ms R Kaczmarek - Cleaning Assistant

Mrs C Rowsell - Cleaning Assistant

Ms M Lacey - Cleaning Assistant