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This is our latest update, keeping you informed of what is happening and how we can support you over the next few weeks.


Well done to all of the students for their enthusiasm and engagement in learning and in preparing themselves for what will be a very special time in their lives. Our young people are almost ready for tal[king the next steps in their learning journey and we will support them all the way as they embrace a bright and successful future. Thanks also to all of the families out there for staying with us, trusting us and for the invaluable role you have played especially over this extraordinary year.


Since our last update:

  • There have been 2 really successful parent and student consultation evenings. We felt it was important that families had an opportunity to have a face to face discussion with subject teachers so that we could discuss what students need to do next and talk about what we have put in place to support them.

  • Bookings have been made for our Easter masterclass provision from the 6th to the 9th April. This has proved extremely popular with a high uptake. Sessions will be intended to support students the final prep for their assessments.

  • We have been refining the Summer Assessment timetable and an overview is now on the school website. The detail of this is currently being put into Bromcom, so that students will get a personalised timetable on the Student Portal, and on the MyChildAtSchool app. This will be in place before the examinations but is not available just yet.

  • Schools have had extra guidance from OFQUAL the exams regulator, JCQ who represent the main awarding bodies, and the exam boards themselves. This has given us some more clarity on the processes we need to implement, and we are in detailed planning for this. We will let you know more when we are able


What students can do over the Easter break. 

  • Firstly, it is important that students get some rest. The best advice for most students is to put some time aside to think about how to structure their revision and look carefully at the subject sheets on the school website. 

  • Planning to revise weaker topics first is one successful strategy that works and helps avoid spending too long revising areas that students are already good at. It is all about little and often, and subject teachers have already been talking about strategies and techniques.

  • Doing past questions are an excellent way to get into practice and into good habits for assessments.


Finally, if you would like any further information or help, you can have a look at the FAQ’s on the school website, which will answer most of your questions. Our dedicated email address is exams2021@hccs.info


Jason Jones, (Assistant Headteacher)

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