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Arts Faculty - Art

The Art and Design curriculum at HCCS is designed to give all students the opportunity to explore and develop key skills in art & design as well as the spiritual, moral,social and cultural aspects of education. The students study using a variety of different materials and techniques and undertake projects which involve individual and at times whole class outcomes. We have a vibrant department for our students to enjoy working in featuring three large purpose built teaching rooms and a gallery space exhibiting student work.

The curriculum in year 9, as in years 7 and 8, is designed to develop the students' understanding of a range of materials/techniques inspired by the study of work produced by artists, craftspeople & designers from across time and cultures.

Projects are designed to develop students' ability to analyse and evaluate art, craft & design as well as reflecting on & developing their own practical skills.

This is achieved through following schemes of work which progressively develop their skills to that by the end of year 9 they have had a rounded art education which will have developed their understanding of art, craft & design and technical processes with SMSC aspects,while also providing the grounding required for further study of Art, Craft & Design at KS4.

GCSE Art: our endorsement is Art, Craft & Design from the AQA specification (see course outline page).

Higher Ability Learners in Art Tasks.pdf

Non Examination Assessment (NEA) Centre Assessed Marks for GCSE Art/craft/design .pdf

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