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Arts Faculty - Drama & Theatre Studies

The Drama curriculum at HCCS is designed to give all pupils the opportunity to explore and develop key skills as theatrical performers as well as the spiritual, moral,social and cultural aspects of education whereby students appreciate various social issues, events and other cultures. The students study using a variety of different topics alongside performance techniques and skills. Pupils undertake projects which involve individual, group and whole class outcomes creating well rounded individuals with transferable skills for both their whole curriculum learning and beyond.

The curriculum in year 9 continues to build from year 7 and year 8 and is designed to develop the students' understanding of the key performance elements, their ability to perform using a variety of characterisation techniques, their ability to analyse and evaluate such techniques in action as well as developing their group work, leadership and communication skills. This is achieved through following schemes of work which progressively develop their skills to that by the end of year 9 they have had a rounded education in Drama which will have developed their understanding of Drama and performance processes and SMSC aspects, while also providing the grounding for further study of the subject at KS4.

GCSE Drama follows the AQA specification (see course outline document). Keep the course outline video on this page.

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