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Arts Faculty - Music

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The Music curriculum at HCCS is designed to give all pupils the opportunity to explore and develop key skills in music as well as the spiritual, moral,social and cultural aspects of education. The students study using a variety of different methods, and undertake projects which involve individual, group and whole class outcomes. The curriculum in year 9 is designed to build on year 7 and 8 and develop the students' understanding of the key musical elements, their ability to perform using instruments and voices,their ability to analyse and evaluate music as well as developing their compositional skills. This is achieved through following schemes of work which progressively develop their skills to that by the end of year 9 they have had a rounded musical education which will have developed their understanding of music and musical processes and SMSC aspects,while also providing the grounding for further study of the subject at KS4.

Projects follow the same outline:

  • Title page/ key information

  • Stimulus task (listening/ performing/ information)

  • Composition brief with assessment criteria

  • Rehearsal/ peer assessment

  • Performance

  • Assessment (self/ teacher) plus review homework

GCSE Music follows the Edexcel specification (see course outline document). Keep the course outline video on this page.

Peripatetic Tuition - Click here for more information

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