Humanities Faculty

In Humanities we strive to provide our pupils with a holistic overview of the world in which they live to prepare them for a changing world. From our changing global climate and the challenges it presents in Geography, to the great people and events that have shaped our world in History and the diverse cultures and religions in R.S.

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In year 9, pupils are taught Geography, History and Religious Studies individually, with 2 hours dedicated to each subject a fortnight. Here, pupils get a more indepth look at each of the subjects and are taught topics such as World Under Threat in Geography, 20th Century Music in History and Moral Issues in Religious Studies.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE pupils have the opportunity to undertake a possible 2 Humanities subjects from: Geography, History or Religious Studies. This is taught in 5 hours over the fortnight with extra sessions available after school for intervention. We follow these exam boards:

  • Geography - AQA

  • History - AQA

  • Religious Studies - AQA

GCSE Geography Subject Sheet.pdf

GCSE History Subject Sheet.pdf

GCSE Religious Studies Subject Sheet.pdf