2nd July

Dear Students and Parents,


We want to update you on what has been happening recently, and what will happen next as we approach the results days in August.


Our evidence was submitted on time to all the awarding organisations by the 18th June deadline. Following this, we were asked for samples of work across a range of GCSEs and A Levels, so that our judgements could be externally quality assured. The examination boards have also been looking at our own quality assurance processes, and have ratified our Centre Policy, which we have included with this email. We also processed and submitted over 70 applications for Special Consideration to ensure that students were given any additional allowances they were entitled to as laid down in the guidance.


We want to be as transparent as possible, and share with you as much information as we are allowed, so have sent you a breakdown of all the titles of evidence, subject by subject, as well as a copy of the Centre Policy that the awarding organisations have approved. Later next week we shall also share with you the results of the Summer Assessments that we have marked and used as part of the evidence base. We are unable to release the final Teacher Assessed Grades ahead of results days, as they are subject to examination board approval, and would constitute exam malpractice if we did so.


Results days

As a reminder, 6th form results day is on 10th August, from 8:30am. Year 11 Results day is on 12th August from 9am. If you know you are not going to be available to collect your results in person (students), please inform us in advance by emailing us at exams2021@hccs.info , as we can arrange to get them to you later that day. 

We are planning the final details for results days and 6th form enrolment, and will let you know more nearer the time. 



Students have a right to appeal under certain circumstances if they feel that their results are wrong. In short, there is a detailed and thorough 2 stage formal process for this. Stage one is called a Centre Review, and stage two is an Appeal to the Awarding Organisation. We will publish all the information you may need on our website ahead of the results days, in case this applies to you, and we will be able to guide you through this process if needed. 


Finally, please remember that if you have any questions, you can contact us at exams2021@hccs.info , and one of the exams team will get back to you as soon as possible.


Kind regards, Jason Jones (Assistant Headteacher)

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