Weekly Update

30th April


Formal Assessments

We are very proud of how our students have approached the formal assessments they are currently sitting. Students have grasped the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding at the end of the course, and have displayed a willingness to prove themselves, knowing that other evidence will be taken into account alongside what they are currently doing. We will hold a “mopping up” session for any students who missed a formal assessment through illness or absence in mid May (dates to follow). Many thanks to you as parents and carers for the support you are giving your children at this time.


Extra evidence used to arrive at a final grade

As you will recall, for most subjects, the formal assessments will count for 60% of the final grade alongside any Non-Examined Assessments (coursework). The other 40% will be drawn from 5 key pieces of evidence. Curriculum Leaders have considered which pieces of evidence they will use in their subjects, taking into account a range of factors including only assessing content that has been covered, and being able to authenticate that work has been produced by the student concerned, as well as following exam board guidance.  We are going to publish to you a detailed breakdown of what the evidence bank is, subject by subject, ahead of submission dates in June, so that you are fully informed. As the exam boards are the Awarding Organisations, please note we are unable to disclose any grades to students before results day, as this would constitute exam malpractice.


Results Days and Appeals

As a reminder, the nationally agreed results days are:


⇒  KS5 (year 13) on 10th August. 

⇒  KS4 (year 11) on 12th August.


Please save the date. We will be inviting students into school to collect their results, where guidance will be on hand to help them in their next steps. More information will follow nearer the time, including what happens if you are considering making an appeal.


As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the exams team at:



You will also find answers to the Frequently Asked Questions on the school website. Just look for the tab “Summer Assessments 2021” on the main page.


Jason Jones (Assistant Headteacher)

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