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Year 6 Transition

I would like to begin by welcoming you and your family into our Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School community. The transition from Primary to Secondary school is both an exciting and an important milestone for any Year 6 student. 


As a school, we aim to deliver an inclusive Transition Program that provides students and their parents/ guardians with additional resources to feel fully equipped and excited about joining our school community.


On this page you will find useful links to various departments that are involved in the Transition process. Furthermore, if you require more information please visit our contact list.


This page will be updated over the coming months with further information.


We look forward to welcoming you all in September.



Heather Hughes


Heather Hughes: 

Pastoral Lead

Jo Glover: 

Director of SEND/RP Lead

Clair Bailey: 


Megan Walker: 

Deputy SENCo

Lower School Welfare Managers

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