Year 9 Options

Mr N Bielby

Head of School


At Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School we are committed to preparing our students for a changing world. Our options process has an important role to play and the option blocks are set up to provide a wide range of choice to students of all ability levels.


I hope that every student in the school is able to study as many of their first choice subjects as possible and that they commit themselves to two years of hard work. GCSE examinations, particularly those in English and Mathematics, are vital to the future success of our students, your sons and daughters and the next two years are very important.


Working together (teachers, parents and students) towards a common goal we can ensure that the students of Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School continue to be amongst the best in the Country.


I look forward to working with you to ensure that each successive cohort of students becomes the best that they can be.

Mr M Forsyth

Year 9 & 10 Learning Intervention Manager

As the Year 9 and 10 Learning Intervention Manager, I have the privilege of working alongside our students to ensure that they are challenged and supported in achieving their full potential and that they are able to successfully progress into their desired options at Key Stage Four.


My role focuses on the following:

  • Leading and managing the intervention process across Year 9 and 10 so that underperformance is identified and acted upon.

  • Managing a team of Tutors and Assertive Mentors, who formally monitor progress and help students with associated action planning through Assertive Mentoring.

  • Responding to any concerns regarding progress, attendance, and approach to learning.

  • Acting as a communication channel between students, teachers and parents.

  • Supporting students through the Options process.

  • Working alongside tutors and link leaders to provide support for learning.

Mrs E Jackson

Careers Advisor

For Careers Advice and support please contact Emma Jackson on 01477 410500 or

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