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Our aim is for all students to enjoy Maths and to achieve their potential in this subject. We use a variety of teaching styles to cater for their learning needs and are always available to support all students both in and out of lessons. 
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Year 7 - 8

Accelerated Maths/Home Connect: Click here

How we report progress on our interims: 
When deciding on whether your child is making the relevant progress, our staff take into account a large variety of factors; classwork, written assessments, progress on the Accelerated Maths programme, the computerised STAR Maths test assessments, and our our Age Related Expectations (ARE) grid. Your child’s progress is monitored, throughout their time at HCCS, against their Indicative Grade Range (IGR) and whether they are following their predicted “flight path.” 

Age Related Expectations: Please click here

Curriculum Overview


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Year 8 Maths.JPG

In school: Maths Club with Miss Reed (M1) Wednesday lunchtimes.
Chess Club with Miss Rose (M3) Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes.

Year 9-11

GCSE Curriculum Overview:

Specification Link:

Practice questions
As this is a new GCSE there are no practice past papers currently available. Students can practise questions
on MathsWatch, MyMaths or purchase an exam practice workbook.


ELC Curriculum Overview:

Specification Link:

HC6F Maths

Curriculum Lead - Mrs E Stevens

At HC6F we offer 3 courses for our students, Core Maths, A Level Maths and A Level Further Maths. 

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Extra Support:
Every Monday, we have Monday Maths in M1. Students from Year 12 and Year 13 bring their work with them and we work through any issues that they may have with homework or revision. 

On a Thursday in M2, we have Topic Top Ups. Students from year 13 attend bespoke masterclasses on key areas that they need extra support with. These sessions focus on understanding the question and key exam technique.

In addition to attending these sessions students are encouraged to seek support from their teachers at break, lunch and in their non-contacts.

Online Resources:
Along with mymaths, mathswatch and Dr Frost, we have a bespoke student website containing everything our students will need to support them with their studies. Students will need to be logged into their hccs email to access this.

Extra Curriculars

Lunch Time:

Chess Club - Mondays and Wednesdays, M3 - For more details speak to Miss Rose

Year 7-9 Maths Club - Wednesdays, M1 - For more details speak to Miss Reed

Year 10 and 11 Maths Clinic - Wednesdays, M7 - For more details speak to Miss Sneddon

Year 11 Maths Clinic - By appointment only, M9 - Speak to your maths teacher or Mr Barratt directly to book this. 

After School (3.30-4.30pm)

Year 11 Revision - Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays - speak to your class teacher for more information. 

HC6F Monday Maths - Mondays, M1. Speak to Mrs Stevens for more information

Year 13 Topic Top Ups - Thursdays, M2. Speak to Mrs Stevens for more information

Cryptography Club - Date depending on release times during the national cryptography competitions. Speak to Miss Reed for more details and to sign up.


Puzzle of the month - released in the newsletter once a month with house points for correct answers. For more information please speak to Mrs Jackson. 

Junior, Intermediate and Senior Maths Individual Challenges
Senior Maths Team Challenge
Year 10 Maths Team Feast 
Year 8 and 9 Team Challenge
Year 8 and 9 MEM Masterclasses at Liverpool University
Girl’s Olympiad
Sixth Form Inspiration lectures

For more details on any of these competitions speak to Mrs James or your maths teacher. 

Online Resources
My Maths
My Maths
Maths Watch
Maths Watch
Dr Frost
Dr Frost
HC6F Website
HC6F Website
Accelerated Maths ( Years 7-9 only)
Accelerated Maths ( Years 7-9 only)