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Upper School Curriculum


The intent of our curriculum is to create pride, joy and success through a shared understanding of what makes us who we are, what we know, what we can do and what we can achieve - both as individuals and as part of a wider community. At HCCS, we want all participants in our curriculum (students, teachers, families, local citizens and key workers) to have pride in themselves; the school; the local area; their British citizenship and their role as part of our global community.  Our knowledge based curriculum is designed to build independence, resilience and confidence; open eyes and create ambition that is not limited by any barrier or glass ceiling. We want our community to appreciate their heritage and how that fits in with the wider world; we want to create free thinkers and risk takers who are safe in the knowledge that they are valued and supported.  We want them to take the joy, ambition and confidence created through our knowledge based curriculum into their prosperous futures. We have designed a curriculum with the main intention of preparing our students for an ever changing world.



Across the school, the curriculum is implemented through clear, shared and explicit programmes of study* with shared and personal pathways, supported by a positive and reflective reward system that places value upon the importance of relationships and behaviours and how these are shaped through our shared knowledge, attitudes, skills and experiences. In order to keep our curriculum current and ever improving, these are open and prone to change in response to context and regular and robust programmes of monitoring, evaluation and review (MER) which include all members of our community.

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The teaching and learning of these programmes of study will have a core focus on the following:




Our curriculum ensures that our students will be challenged and supported to make excellent progress academically and achieve their personal goals. All members of our wider community involved in the creation, delivery, ongoing development of and engagement with our curriculum will be:

  • happy

  • independent

  • reflective

  • resilient

  • proud

  • excited

  • social

  • successful

  • a valued part of our community.


HCCS itself will be a richer place owing to each individual contribution to our community.

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